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GamePatchPlanet – PC Game Cheats, Codes, Trainers, Patch Updates, Demos

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Latest Game Trainers | MegaGames.FLiNG Trainer – PC Game Cheats and Mods

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You like one of these games? Well then click it! I am trying to keep the site ad free, as the site is merely a hobby in which I can express my passion for gaming and enhance that gaming experience for others, I try to keep it ad free, so please, any contribution towards the site would be greatly appreciated!

I try to keep the site as image free as possible, this ensures fast loading times on pages, and less server usage. The original site was later relaunched as GamePatchPlanet. Another focus of GamePatchPlanet is to provide fixes and patches for games that are no longer supported by game developers or publishers, this is especially useful for gamers who want to play PC games on modern PC’s and operating systems which have accelerated hardware, higher definition specs and widescreen monitors which are common place in today’s computer world.

All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy Disclaimer. Latest Forum Discussions:. Today’s Wackiest Video. Latest Updates. Fragmented v Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice v1. Tom Clancy’s: Ghost Recon – Wildlands v1. Dead Rising 4 v1. Sniper Elite 4 v1. Mass Effect: Andromeda v1. Endless Space 2 v1. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 v1. DiRT 4 v1. Hitman [] v1. Pillars of Eternity v1. Hearts of Iron IV v1. Grand Theft Auto V v1. Tekken 7 v1. Prey v1. Life is Feudal: Forest Village v Vanquish v1.

Mafia III v1. Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada v1. Outlast 2 v1. Expeditions: Viking v1. Dead or Alive 5: Last Round v1. Get access to the most cheat features ready to use with single click from our premium trainers. Daily updates, support for the latest games, and powerful features. Get access to game-changing cheat feature that let you transform how you play your favorite games.

With a dedicated team, expect support for the latest game releases, and updates for new game versions. Download and update your trainers with a single click from our free trainer manager software. Modify your gaming experience with our game-changing trainer features.

Give yourself more life to survive a difficult encounter, or disable a frustrating game system. Don’t have time to grind? Speed up your progression! You’re in complete control of the gaming experience. Don’t get stuck with outdated trainers that no longer work with the latest game version. We add new trainers to the service and update trainers on a daily basis, so you’ll always have working cheats available for your favorite games. New trainers for big releases are often added on the day of release, so your cheats are ready to go on day one!

With the trainer manager software, you’ll never have to download another trainer from a sketchy website again. At Touchgen, get access to tens of thousands of PC gaming trainers, all safe to use without the risk of unknowingly downloading a virus or spyware. We recommend trainers only from our trusted partners, who develop top PC gaming cheat trainers as a business. Do you really want to put your computer at risk every time you look for a trainer on the web?

Online low-lifes are always looking for ways to install their viruses and malware on more computers, and getting you to run an unknown application on your computer is one of the easiest ways to do that. A virus can be a huge pain in the ass and require a complete reformat to remove, and could also compromise your financial information. Some trainer developers only support a few games, and some stop updating their software, meaning that after a game update, your trainer no longer works.

Then you have to start the search all over again, and might end up with a trainer with fewer features or a totally different interface. It makes it incredibly quick and easy to both find trainers for new games as well as download an updated trainer for a new game version. Create a free account for access to the trainer manager and the ability to try a limited selection of free trainers Upgrade to premium to ac. Download the free trainer manager software and limited free trainers.

With your account created, the trainer manager will let you download and update your trainers with one click. Use the trainer manager to load your cheat. Instructions in the trainer explain each feature in depth! Click here and use the search option to check the full catalog. If the game hasn’t released yet or just released, the team might not have a trainer ready just yet. You can request trainers for games that aren’t already supported, and the more people that request it, the more likely it is supported!

This is a program which runs on your PC and edits the game memory to enable new features that aren’t normally possible, like unlimited health, godmode, or unlimited money. Don’t worry, trainers are easy to use. They’re coded so all you need to do is enable the cheats in the software and they immediately work in the game.

Trainers are typically only for single-player games, so they don’t disrupt anyone else’s fun. Using your trainers is as simple as downloading the free trainer manager, logging in and then searching for any games with trainers you wish to load. With a single click, a trainer can be downloaded and then launched through the trainer manager. The manager also makes updating your trainers easy, letting you know which are out of date and allowing you to update them with a single click!

With thousands of trainers available through this service it’s a lot of work to keep them all updated while adding new trainers for the newest releases. To cover the dedicated team that makes all of these powerful cheats available, there are memberships which give you access to the full library of supported titles along with some other added benefits. Once you have your membership, you’ll never have to search on sketchy sites for trainers for a new game, or worry about a cheat update leaving you permanently without a working trainer again!

To keep things fair, these trainers do not support multiplayer, and competitive multiplayer-only games are not supported. This ensures the service is legal and does not bother game publishers, ensuring you have the best experience possible! If you are interested in multiplayer cheats, check out our page on private multiplayer hacks.



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Start Plitching Stop cheating. It’s sleek. It’s powerful. It’s personal. The only PC game trainer you will ever need! Casual Gamer? Tailor every game to your needs! We do not support cheats in multiplayer. One-click download, auto updates, direct game starts, custom keys, and so much more! We cover every update for every game. As a German company, we comply to some of the strictest data protection laws in the world, including the GDPR. Check Privacy statement. Cookies help us improve the performance of our website and our client by collecting statistics that help guide our areas of improvement.

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